Hurray for Easter!

How will you spend this Easter? With family, friends, & a thankful heart? Me too.

Twas the night before Easter and I'd never made a skirt before. So I called my friend Heather {who has 2 sweet girls} and we made our 1st attempt. Tanya's pattern and tutorial was the perfect match to these great prints, and look at the result! {And you know it was EASY if I made it!}

We hope your Easter is full of hugs,

loving guidance,

hidden treasures, {or not so hidden}

baskets full of treats,

eggs full of symbolism,

fun adventures,

and exploring new things.

And although our lives our not perfect--and like those lemonheads may be sour for a brief moment,

we know what there the "sweet treats" of peace, comfort, love, & life after death will come--through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderul Easter!

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Tanya said...

love that bubble skirt. i like the idea of an easter egg hunt under water. trey would have loved doing that with you ethan!

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