Win a Tilty & Here's a Moving Tip

Hello bloggers! Today's post will be full of fun, although its not the shortest post you've ever read.:) {Just hang in there.;)}

It will include baby item Review #3 & DRAWING, a quick moving tip {yes, we are moving}, & a bit about Phineas & Ferb.


For those of you out of the loop, a few weeks ago I was asked to review some baby products for ABC4. They mailed me a bunch of baby products, I learned all about them, and then they came to do the segment at my house. So now I'm reviewing the items and giving some away to you! {For my past reviews you can click here.}

Quick Sidebar: The media is wild. When I agreed to be on TV I understood the segment would be me reviewing these baby products. However, the actual segment turned out to be me as a blogging advocate for postpardum moms. Go figure! {Yes, I was as surprised about this as you were. I was NOT prepared to be interviewed about myself when they came that day!} But hey, I got a bunch of free stuff and now I'm giving some to you too!:)

So, with no further ado I'd like to introduce the Tilty Sippy Cup!

Review #3: Tilty Sippy Cup

Rating: Thumbs Up {If you don't mind a little dripping.}
Cost: $5.99 for 2
-The bottom is angled so your baby won't have to strain to get that last little bit of drink.

-Its clear so the baby can easily see how much fluid is left in the cup.

-BPA free and dishwasher safe

-No extra attachments {valves, straws, etc.} to lose.

-For more details you can visit the Tilty website.

-It drips. However, it was designed this way to help toddler really get the feel for using a real cup & also to keep the baby from sucking so hard to get a drink. {Apparently the ADA says excessive sucking isn't so great for little mouths.}

-You can't find them everywhere. You can order them online though.

I think its a good concept & Aidan did really well with it. I only put water in it though...I didn't want to have to worry about anything dripping out when he was done drinking. It was GREAT for drinking in the car though...they don't drown when you slow down or stop!:)


Moving "Tip": Don't get a 24 footer!

If you haven't heard yet we are packing up and moving across town! This may come as a surprise to some of you, but this move has been anticipated since we bought this house 3 years ago. For those who want the skinny here you go...

With Bob *potentially finishing school in December we wanted to keep our options open, pay off some student loans, & prepare for the future! We have a GREAT family who is going to rent our house & we are going to move to Draper {into a place Bob's parents have} until we figure out where we are going to be. {BTW--Thanks Will & Claire for kicking out your tenants for us!} And no, we won't be moving back--renting out our house -instead of selling-was just a great option for us right now.

*He has 15 credits of really hard classes this semester and some professors are being pretty lame. {Yes, while working full time and running the computers for a local company.} Hopefully all will go well so he can be finished!

But YES, Bob is actually almost done with school! Although coaching football has set him back a few years, he has been working really hard to get his BA degree in computer science. I'm so excited and very proud of him. Getting his degree will potentially open some doors for his career as well as grad school. Moving now will give us some flexibility on when/where we can go to reach Bob's career & our family goals.

School is not cheap, especially when you have a wife and 2 kids to support. This move will help us pay off some of that debt that comes with school quickly, and open our options for grad school, more IT certs, or even adopting a baby {I would LOVE to.}

This move is really going to get us prepared for the future...whatever that may hold! The boys are so young that being in limbo for a little while shouldn't be too bad, & the schools down in Draper are suppose to be the best in the state. I'm sad to leave our house, but I'm excited for this next adventure in our lives!!

Anyway! Now for that moving tip!:)

If you ever need to reserve a dumptster for all of that trash when you move, the 12 footer should be fine. I wish I would have known that before they delivered this enormous trash bin the size of our driveway. I'm still laughing, and so are the neighbors I'm sure. I think we could take apart our entire house and it would fit in there!:)

When I dropped a load off at DI today I saw this...

um yeah. Even the dumpster at the DI isn't as long as the one we got!:) So if any of you locals want to get rid of some trash---or alot of trash--come on over! My dumpster is your dumpster. I'm still laughing.

Finally, the end of my post. Let me introduce you to Phineas, Ferb, Perry the Platypus, & Ethan on this surfboard. Ethan wanted a Phineas and Ferb theme for his "family" birthday party Sunday night.

Sidenote #2: When he 1st starting watching P&F I wasn't too fond of it because of all the yelling Candace {the sister} does & how she treats the boys. But I decided to use it as a teaching tool & we talk about it...hopefully I don't get fired as a parent for it. Heaven knows I'm already out of the running for mom of the year!:)

So here you have it--

And it was a yummy end to a few great days of birthday celebrations! {I love boxed cake mixes and store bought frosting!} Love you Ethan.

OH YEAH! If you want to be in the drawing to win 2 Tilty sippy cups just leave me a comment and let me know!! Good luck!


Hernandez Family said...

I am sad now! I had no idea you were moving. You will be missed! Anywho, Mia is about ready to start learning how to drink from a cup so I would love to win the tilty sippy cup!

I am still saddened!

MaddyJsMomma said...

I would love to be enter to to win the cups!!

Good luck with moving!!

Noslo Family said...

I am sad that you are moving too. We will miss you. Isaac will miss Ethan. If you need help let me know - I am your slacking visiting teacher. If I win the sippy cup please give it to Angenette. Ha Ha we are sort of over those.

jaxonjaciandoliviasmom said...

Thats hillarious about the dumpster! Hey... it could have been a bright color right? Oh, wait... ha ha!

I have a 6 month baby girl im starting all over with (my boy is 6), so id like to be in on the drawing for the new sippy cups too. Thanks so much!

Lindsay said...

Good luck with the move! And awesome spy bday are a very talented mama!

Tanya said...

holy frickin crap! when you described the dumpster to me i had no idea! ha ha ha ha.

Jenn said...

That sounds too funny about the dumpster thing :) We've had several I could've taken the guess work out of it for you. I would love to be entered for the sippy cups please. By the way, you guys were great teachs in class, we will miss you.

The Royals said...

Emily, we are gonna miss you! We may take you up on using your dumpster!

Misty said...

I got my car seat blanket in the mail. I love it! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

My little sister had her first baby in July and I'm putting together a basket of useful and unusual things for his first Christmas. These cups would be perfect. Will you continue to blog after your move? I just started reading your blog and I love your ideas.

Grandma Bwanna said...
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