TV Update & The Gateway

As you local already know, our TV segment did not air today. I just got an email from our reporter gal and she said it will probably be in the next few days & that she'll email me the day before so I can blog about it.

Now, back to summer & another fun thing about SLC...The Gateway! Now, I'm not just talking about the shopping, eating, and movies. Last summer we LOVED the water fountains! {And its FREE!}

The Gateway Mall and fountains were actually built for the 2002 Winter Olympics. But now you can go and play in the water on a hot summer day! Every 1/2 hour they do a "water dance" to music and the water gets really high. {Just make sure you keep your eyes closed--case in point--the poor girl on the right.}

Bring a ball to play with and it is so much fun.

Obviously its a little cold to be out in the water now, but it will give you something to look forward to next summer!;)

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