Our day

Today Ethan had his 1st preschool field trip. It was to Thanksgiving Point to Cornbellies (which by the way I didn't even know was there...it was soooo much fun). I decided since Ethan & I don't get alot of one on one time that I'd ask Steph to watch Aidan. (Thanks a ton Steph!!) We called it "our time" and it was so great.

Here's Ethan (2nd cow from the end) & his friend Isaac in the Cow Train.

At the end Ethan got to pick a pumpkin. He took 2 steps into the patch and picked up the 1st one he saw. (You may be able to tell from the photo most of the pumpkins are a little farther away.:) I thought it was strange that it was just sitting there alone. When we got into the car Ethan said there were letters on it. I looked back and noticed that it said "Nick" on it...:) I suppose its true...one man's trash is another man's treasure!:)


Siri said...

How super fun. I do think "our time" is really important. Good for you!! I love days like that.

melissa merrill said...

One on one time is so fun. It gets harder but it does always make them feel special.

. said...

Love it! I miss you guys already! Maybe sometime I can take Ethan to my house for a night, or babysit so you and Bob can go out. P.s. Is Ethan having a party this weekend?

Tanya said...

so fun! he needs that mother son time.

Tanya said...

happy birthday little man! today is going to be SO much fun.

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