Ethan's "Hut" & Matching guys

This is what Ethan calls his "hut". As you can see its a little cove behind his bed. One night Bob informed me that Ethan was sleeping in a fort they had made. I didn't think much of it, but now every night he sleeps in this special little place behind his bed.

He also insists that we still tuck him in...which isn't so easy anymore!:) And heaven forbid I be the one who knocks it down while saying goodnight!

I couldn't resist getting these matching pj's for the boys. Ethan actually loves to match Aidan so its alot of fun getting them clothes that match. (Although finding the same 3 month and 5T outfits aren't easy...ask the gal at OshKosh that I made run all over the store hunting down sizes for me!:)

Sidebar: When I showed Margo some of the matching things I got she reminded me of how much I hated it when Mom & Dad would put us in matching clothes. I started thinking about how hard life must be growing up as the #2 child ...sorry Marge!:) I'd match you any day now!:)


Brian said...

Too cute. If you can actually believe it I had problems finding matching clothes in the same size. It was ridiculous. My boys don't match all the time, but the one day I was looking for some matching clothes they only had one. So go figure. I can't believe how big your babe is getting. Really lets get together soon. Anytime.

Stooph said...

well, even if you didn't like matching, ethan does, and Aidan can't tell you even if he hated it. so its all ok.

Siri said...

I love matching my girls too! That's the great thing about having two children of the same gender. It's too cute. We moms just can't help ourselves!

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