Its GREAT to be 8!

{Baptism Time!}
Turning 8 is a great time for us Mormons!  Since we believe that baptism isn't necessary until we can understand what we are doing, when we turn 8 we get to chose if we would like to follow Jesus Christ's example of Baptism.  And Ethan just turned 8!

Note: This post is not so "crafty"...:)

For us, Baptism is not only symbolic of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (as we are buried in the water and then rise again), but we make a promise to God to try our best to follow his teachings.   In return He promises to forgive of our sins and imperfections.  {You can see a definition of BAPTISM in the Bible Dictionary here.} And if we endure to the end we can live with Him again--so this is pretty much a big deal for all of us.:)

Like most moms, I want my kids to be happy, healthy, and protected from the ugly things of this world.  Part of being Baptized by water includes receiving the Gift of the Holy the "laying on of hands" (putting hands on your head by one who has authority).

God doesn't just leave us hanging after we are baptized, but gives us constant companion that will help guide, lead, and protects us if we are living in a way that He can.  This is where the Holy Ghost comes in. I couldn't think of anything better that I would want for my babies & I'm so grateful for it!

It was a special day for Ethan!  His Dad holds the Priesthood and was able to baptize and confirm him a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

We had some special friends and family come to support Ethan...and we are so grateful they came.

His amazing Mandarin Teacher and my dear friend...Fengyin Lee:

Aunt Margie...

And more!

I just had to add this picture...
I love that Ethan looks like he just won a football game...
oh yeah!

After the Baptism we headed to the place of Ethan's choice to eat...Red Robin!  He wanted to eat outside so we all grabbed the blankets and coats from our cars and had a sweet meal together!

Yay Ethan! We are so proud of you!

There's nothing like going from Christian to Pagan in the same post...:)

Cute cousin Kelly came to enjoy our treat or tricking festivities and we loved it.  Aidan put on his Spiderman face and Ethan created this "Lego Man" costume.  We asked for candy until they couldn't carry their buckets anymore because they were "too heavy."

What a funny culture we have.

When your farmer neighbor across the street tells you to come get some pumpkins from his amazing do it! {Sidebar: I kind of have a crush on this farmer...he has got to be in his 80's and he is always out working and taking care of his land.  He is so cute.}  

I'm also about 100% positive that he will never read this post, but I have to say thanks anyway...

Thank-you for the pumpkins Wayne!  They were awesome!

{Coming Soon}
Detail of Ethan's "Lego City" birthday party are coming soon! And having a Lego birthday party has nothing to do with being a Mormon. :)

Happy Fall to you all! 
Love, Toady

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