Spidey-Olympics Birthday

{August 7}
And then he turned 4.

Weight: 33 lbs
Height: 40"
Potty trained? Kindof.
Energy Level: Very High
Favorite Food: Ice Cream Cones
Past-time: DisneyJr.com or PBSKids.org
Loves: Spiderman, Trains, letters, animals, & running wild.
Hates: Brushing his hair...says he "LIKES IT UP!"
Speech: Getting there! (Although still delayed, he's getting there...Yay!)

 (And yes, this post is a little behind schedule, but just had to be shared!)

{Spidey-Olympics Party}
Question: What do you get when you buy your 3 year old a Spiderman toothbrush because its on sale?  

Answer:  A Spiderman Birthday party when he turns 4!  (Note to self...!)

But with the Olympics going on we had to add a few "games" into the mix.
So here was the line-up:

Game #1:  Whiffle Ball Slip N Slide Bowling 

The competition was fierce and included boys, girls, men, and women from 4-84...literally.

Game #2 Volleyball Play Pool Toss

Each competitor lined up behind the hose and tried to throw the volleyball into the pool. 2 points if you got it in & 1 point if you hit it.

Game #3 Find the Foam Dot

Each dot was strategically place around the yard by Uncle Travie. Each contestant had their own color and had to find all of their dots.

And just like all Olympics, the Spidey Olympics enjoyed a beautiful awards ceremony.

Each athlete was awarded with a special mini-candy bar medal that was carefully handmade with yarn & presented by the one and only...Uncle Travie.

They all did outstanding.

And Grandma even had her phone play the National Anthem...to savor the moment.

3 Cheers for everyone!

And of course there was an after-event party that included some pretty amazing dance moves...

...a game of catch...


...a spiderweb cake made by the the birthday boy himself...

...and a yummy ice-cream bar!

{Until Next Year}
We love you Mr. Aidan!

And wish you the best 4th year ever!

Mom, Dad, & Ethan

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