$40 FREE at Paper Coterie

{Paper Coterie Love}
1st time customers get $40 to use at Paper Coterie RIGHT NOW! I think it may expire tomorrow so I just had to share.  It would be perfect to get some paper goods for your class Halloween Party or get a jump start on your Christmas Cards! 

CLICK HERE and enter the code: Welcome2012

Here are a few little gems I've had printed via Paper Coterie. I love it.   

You can search my blog under "Paper Coterie" for more details on how I made these and other ideas.  Most of them were with big discounts or coupons...like this $40 one for newbies!

More of life, love, and random TV segments coming.:) I promised I would post about the Fun Lunch Ideas Segment I did last week on Fresh Living...and I will, but Here's a link to the segment if you just can't wait for the post!  Bob said that on a scale from 1-10 this one was a 8.5.  I say it was a 10 if it was judged on saying goofy things like "Knapsacks" on live TV... seriously.  But hey, if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at...right?

See you soon!
Love, Toad

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