September and Mo's Fish Tacos

(Darn it)
I'm struggling with you September.  Really struggling.  Why did you have to come so soon?  I still haven't posted most of my favorite beach memories from the summer! Now what do I do?

Just start posting?
Alright then...I suppose my little projects will have to be put on hold for a few more days, and lets start at the beach.

{Choo Choo}
I dare say this was one of Aidan's favorite parts of summer.  And to avoid fits of screaming, he rode the train several times...and loved it. 
He's not joking around when it come to the huff and puff of this little engine...


Some people hate it. Baby's eat it, it gets in your eyes, and its hard not to take with you.

I love it. It usually means that water is nearby. The salty, sandy type of water that calls this little Toad's name. This summer Seaside was hotspot for us, and it was especially fun when we hung out with Travis, Tanya, Trey, & Lucy. Ethan said it was one of his favorite things about our summer.

This could be one of my favorite things about summer, but also about being a mom.  Cuddling and kissing on a cold body straight out of the pool.  Love it.

Ah, Travis, Tanya, Trey, and Lucy.  Tanya is about really to have that baby any day now. Can't wait.

{Fish Tacos...My New Love}
Watchout honey, I fell in love this summer.  I never knew how much I was missing until I had a fresh fish taco.

Mo's at Cannon Beach was the place.

I started with a yummy shrimp salad and thought things were going pretty well.

But then I was introduced to these gems and my taste buds haven't been the same.

My brother Travis couldn't help but poke a little fun at me when I got about 2 inches away from my plate ans starting clicking away.   I guess that's a sacrifice you make when you want to remember something that so great...

oh, and looky here...

someone else may have fallen in love with a dinner dish as well...

how about those closed eyes...just letting his tastebuds so crazy.:) 

(Yeah, I'm thinking this could be a great facebook profile picture!:))

(Fun Times)
I'm forced to say goodbye to you summer. Although you won't be far from my mind.

And don't take it personally September.  Its me, not you.

Your Toad


ElizabethMJaocb said...

new follower here. i love your blog and am so happy i stumbed across it.

oh, the star wars party!!! we had TWO star wars parties this summer for two boys who are huge fans.

kinda funny, i just saw the owl bird in pottery barn and said, i can sew that myself, and that's my weekend project.

beautiful pictures and great tutorials. can't wait to read more.

Unknown said...

Yellow Finch Design...1st of all I can't wait to find out what you design!:) And 2nd of all...thanks for the comment it made my day!:)
So great to have a new blogging friend!

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