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{Tailgating Fun}
Ah, football season...the great American fall pasttime.  And this weekend is a big rivalry game in these the flags are flying and the parties are starting!

And you'll love this.  Last week I randomly got a call from a TV PR guy.  He was looking for a blogger to do a 3-4 minute segment on "Tailgating with Families" and then blog about the products.  

My thoughts?   Hmmmm.  Could I make a complete fool of myself?  Yep.  But did it sound like fun? Yes! A little intimidating? For sure.  Do I get to keep the stuff?  Yes? Okay, I'm in!:)

You already know I'm kindof a wild woman so if you want some entertainment this afternoon,  the segment is this afternoon in Salt Lake on KUTV Ch2...let's hope I don't say or do anything too crazy!:) 

And here's the skinny...

{Camera Coats}
Yep!  You'll want to take your camera to tailgate so here's a brand new way to protect your SLR!  Forget carrying a big camera bag to the party...just put on your coat and throw your camera into your backpack, diaper bag, or food bag!  Oh, and if you're wearing your camera and the weather changes for the worse {or drinks start flying:)} ...your camera will be nice and cozy inside its little coat.

 Website: (Retails: $35-60)
25% off until Sept 31. Discount code: cameracoatspioneer

{Little Griddle}
Want to vary up your BBQ party menu? Here you go.  Throw this stainless steel griddle right onto your grill and you can make quesidillas, Philly cheese steak subs, veggies, or whatever your little heart desires!
Wesite:  Sizzle-Q (Retails: $69.99)

Simple but very useful.  I can't tell you how many time I'm at a BBQ, set down my drink, and can never find it again.   Its either that or I can't find the black Sharpie to put my name it.  The Drink&Plate keeps it all together.  I bet it would be great for kids too...heaven knows how hard it is watching them try to carry their food from the grill to the table!

No, I did not take any of these next pictures...these are directly from their websites.   :)

Website:  Drink & Plate (Retail: 6 for $18)

(The Sport-Brella Products)
All I can think of when I see this chair is my dad.  His lack of hair on the top of his head send him hunting for shade everywhere we go.   The attached umbrella swivles that's handy.

And the Sport-brella shelter umbrella.  We actually keep one of these in the back of our car, we use it, and I love it.  Its huge and has stakes like a tent so that it doesn't blow away...even at the Oregon Coast!;)

Website: (Retail: Chair ($39.99) 
Umbrella Shelter: ($69.99)

 {Have Fun}
So there you have it.  And whether its a rivalry game this weekend or not, have a fun football weekend!  Oh...and GO COUGARS!;)

Your favorite blogging cougar alum...


Margaret said...

Cool ideas. Go cameracoats! My proofreading eye which usually fails me and helps everyone else, noticed a missing "t" (proTection) in the photo with the camera saying "I need a coat." Happy coating!

Unknown said...

Thanks Margaret! My sister actually called and let me know, but I'd forgotten to fix it. You are a good blogging friend!:)

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