Rock Stars

{Marge Style}
"Minute to Win It"
What's better than wrapping your 2nd cousin twice removed up in toilet paper? 

Or knocking each other out of the way to catch whiffle balls into plastic containers?

Talk about great entertainment.  

Margo would randomly call up people to compete against each other doing fun (and funny) little things...

and it was great.

{Remember a few posts back when I challenged you to try and guess which guys were my brothers?  Well, here's one now...and its not the birthday boy on the left.;)}

I can honestly say I'd never seen my family quite like this before...they are rock stars I tell you.

In fact it was so exciting, some old people had to get a little shut eye.  (Or maybe that's just what Canadians do in the, Mitch?;))

{Top Hit}
2 fun filled days fun of family, food, activities, chatting, & great times.  I'm sure everyone had a "favorite" part, but I know for sure one activity that went to the top of the list for a bunch of kids.

The Play dough Creation Contest: hosted by my rock star 8 months+ pregnant sister-in-law Tanya.

Homemade play dough in forms you've never seen before. 

These kids really went for it.

{And in true Oregon form, we got a little wet on the 2nd day of the you can tell by the hoodies in every color.}

I guess I should give some props to my brother Travis for cutting out these totally sweet rolling pins.  Great work Trav. The kids loved them.

Some kids made "self portraits"...


or whatever their little hearts desired.


Then came the highlight of the occasion...

The kids could hardly wait.

Each creation was judged and given an award.  In fact, here is the judge great does she look? 

With Marge as the MC, each kid was called up to get their personalized award.

I've never seen anything like it.

 How sweet it that?

One for the record books.

And just when you thought the reunion pictures were all posted...

there's still more to come.;)

{Super Speed}
I'm in denial, how about you.  August really? 

Let's make these last few days of July be full of sun, kisses, and dirty bath tubs.


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RaD said...

Please tell me you didn't use grandpa as a human pinata! :)

It was raining in true Oregon fashion... boy ain't that the truth!

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