Little Things...Like Turkey

{Gobble, gobble}
How was your Thanksgiving?  Yummy? Warm? Cozy?  Happy? Hope so.

It was fun to read all of your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving on the last post!  This year I had to go along with all of you turkey lovers...that little yummy bird made my day.  

Dinotoria comment #13?  Michelle Caudle comment #18? Are you out there?  You both won this great Car Seat Blanket Pattern! Email me and I'll send your new favorite baby accessory.  

As for the rest of sale will last until you can still get yours for $5!  You will not be sorry...even beginners can do this one. Really. And it makes the best baby gift ever.

{Littles}Having gratitude can make such a difference our daily lives.  It shifts our perspective from what I "don't have" to being so thankful for what we "do have".  This weekend I tried to focus on a few a "little things" that helped me remember how blessed I am. 

Here's a few I thought I'd share...

...Cute fabric and my cheap-o but great-o sewing machine.  Oh, and that I have the physical ability {hands, eyes, etc} to create with them!

...2 year olds.  When Aidan came up and kissed my forearm while I was typing on the computer yesterday I melted.  Although he may write with markers on the sheets and walls, refuse to ever to go bed, and run from me everytime I call his name...he's happy and healthy.  I am thankful.

...children who have a spiritual perspective and Faith that we can all learn from.  Ethan brought this home from school the other day...

...Oregon trees.  15 minutes from where I grew up in OR there is a tree farm that grew this tree and shipped it to Utah--and now its in our cozy little living room.  I love that smell.  Thank-you tree farmers. 

...the holidays. 

They may not be a big deal to some, but they reminded me of how blessed I truly am.  How about you?

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Julie Erichsen said...

Love my ADORABLE blanket!

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