I'd Do It All Again.

{Worth it?}
I was holding Aidan on my hip as I bent over to pick up my keys that he threw on the bathroom floor of a truck stop in Idaho.  I couldn't find his shoes when we stopped to rush Ethan into the restroom, so I had to one arm wrestle him to keep his bare feet off of that filthy floor.   

Then when Ethan put the treat of his choice...twinkies...on the counter {that I was sure hadn't been washed in weeks}  I wondered if I'd make it.   Bathroom breaks were the hardest on the drive back.  That is one long drive {14+ hours} alone with the boys. 

But all I had to do is remember how wonderful the past few weeks were, and I'd do it all over again.  What made your trip so great you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  It wasn't air conditioning going out in our car, chasing Aidan out of the dirt pile {aka what the cat uses as a liter box} at my parents house,  making the best wild blackberry shakes ever,  having someone else pump my gas, not having any sales tax, or even the great sales at the North Face outlet {gasp}.

It was... 

{The Family}

{The Friends}

Including Josh:
Seeing Josh, one of my best friends from high school, was an unexpected surprise!  Since he's a big wig health care lawyer in DC now our visits are rare and totally treasured.   Anyone who knows him knows how great he is.  Come SLC ASAP Hoser!

{The Food}

{The Adventures}

{The Lifelong Memories}

One of my dearest memories of this trip was Aidan actually falling asleep on me.  He has NEVER done that his entire life.  It only happened at the beach.  I loved it.

Yeah, I say it was worth it.

And for those of you who have endured my host of posts that may have little or no interest to you--here you go.  Here's the download for my Lucy Long-Legged Owl Pattern and Tutorial!  Your little owl will no longer be lonely!

But here's a warning...I created the tutorial it in high res so it takes a while to download...like 5-10 minutes, & you have to download each page seperately.  I know, its real pain.  I'll try to make it easier {meaning I'll get my husband to help me condense it better} and post it again soon.  I just wanted to reward you trusty blog readers/sewing minded people.;) 

Now let's all go mourn the loss of summer.


metal mama said...

you're a brave woman to road trip with 2 kids by yourself! awesome mama!! thanks for sharing :)

Tonia Z said...

Wow... great pictures. Makes my summer seem sub-par. Where is this place? I have never seen a lake with a pier with swimming ladders off the pier. I thought that was only in the movies.

Unknown said...


I grew up in Oregon so we try to spend as much time there as possible & that's where the pictures were all taken.

The lake you see is Lake Oswego. One of my friends lives right by it and it really is cool place. They even have diving boards into the lake off of one of the piers! I know, I'm with you...who knew such a place existed!!

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