Pre-Project pep talk & Aidan's faves

Tonight I got frustrated {like I usually do} while sewing a simple baby gift. When I sew the wrong seam shut, sew something totally crooked, or can't get my machine to work I want to scream. {And sometimes I do!;)}

I hate seam rippers. I do not enjoy pinning fabric together. I can't handle projects that take more than an hour. I struggle trying to figure out a pattern from the store that never turns out the way it is suppose to.

Why am I telling you this?

Because {if you couldn't tell} I am a novice-a rookie-a total beginner at sewing. My friends from high school and college are so surprised when they see these little projects I've been working on. This last year {2009} sewing has gone from "nerdy" {thanks to the old-school fabric shops} to finding and using designer fabrics, and I LOVE it. Immediate rewards are far and few in life, but finishing a useful project brings a sense of accomplishment to this SAHM!

So buckle up. Here comes a pep talk and story for you.

Why? I have several EASY sewing projects coming up and I don't want you to miss out on them. {I was also encouraged to blog about how I really am a beginner at sewing by my mega-seamstress sister-in-law Tanya.;) If I can do it, believe me you can too!}

{The Machine}

Christmas of 2008 was life changing for me. My husband {being prompted by Tanya} bought me a sewing machine. It wasn't fancy--it was $130 from Costco. Which, by the way, I ended up taking back because it wouldn't "work"---yeah, it was probably me that couldn't work it! They didn't have another one so I went to Mr. Wally and for $140 got a similiar maching {the one picutured above} and I really like it. Its not that fancy, but it works and that's all I need. Especially since I hadn't really sat at a sewing machine since middle school and every time I did I pretty much messed something up!

I had no idea where to begin. For me, store patterns=frustration. So, I decided to start small and make things that I actually needed. Ethan was my guinea pig. He wanted a "Book of Mormon" bag to take to church--so I went for it. Thankfully, 4 year olds aren't picky, he loved it, and my confidence to sew began to build.

You can click on the picture for the post about it...

I started to look around at different blogs and got inspired. There were so many cute easy ideas...aprons, onesie appliques, ties, skirts and I started to get excited. Then I got introduced to fabric designers like Amy Butler, Micheal Miller, and Moda. I've found that "fun" sewing for me is all about the fabric.

These Easter ties were another simple project that continued to build my confidence...

My point? Dust off that machine. Borrow your aunts old machine that she never uses. Save a few $ and go to Walmart and get machine of your own. I promise it will be worth it. It is so much fun to sew something that you actually like and is useful! Please email me if you need some simple project ideas!

{Aidan's Trip Faves}

If you were a toddler what would YOU like to do on your family vacation?

Play with your brother in the sand at the beach?

or maybe just eat it...

How about grabbing legos that are tiny and frustrating for you to put together? Throwing them all over the floor may be more fun--just be sure to scream really loudly when your mom tries to carry you out of the play area.

And be sure not to smile in any pictures your mom takes. That's very important if you want to have a good vacation.

For a REALLY great time just pick up the signs that have fallen down. There's nothing like it.

Yes, that's better...

Or you could just shoot water aimlessly because every little guy likes to shoot a gun, oh- and all the other kids are doing it.

But whatever you do on your vacation, be sure to give your mom "loving looks" so she wants to just kiss you all day. And if you really want to surprise her, just walk up and randomly kiss her on the thigh. She'll love it.

Yes, even toddlers can make their own fun on a family trip!


Donna said...

I love that your sewing machine has so many stitch options! My 1958Kenmore has only the straight stitch. The seam ripper has been the best tool since I started sewing again. I have used it many times!
Your boys are the sweetest. I have two boys that are now 24 and 18!

Janette said...

you couldn't have said it any better. I agree completely on the sewing talk. so true so true. Love the pics of the kids so cute!

Hernandez Family said...

There has been more times then not that I have gotten fustrated with my sewing machine! I always seem to take on the harder projects though. Last time I used my machine the tension got messed up. I had it fixed but now I am too afraid to use it in fear it will start up again.

Strictly Sewing said...

Confession. When a project goes really wrong I curse under my breath. It doesn't help and then I have to repent. I know you don't like seam rippers but it is my best friend. When I have to unpick a project it teaches me patience and I'm always glad in the end that I fixed my problem. I totally agree. Love sewing but Simplicity is not so simple and McCalls intimidates me. So I have found that homemade patterns from other sewers are the best. Just like the patterns you sell. My favorite homemade patterns are Pink Fig Patterns. Look them up.

ChicChat said...

So, there is this really cute blog I like to follow called, "Trey and Lucy". Tonight when I was doing my daily blog surfing I saw this picture of these cute girls. One looked just like my old friend, Emily Smith. I couldn't believe that I would see a picture of a friend that I haven't seen or spoken to in years on a blog I just happened to stumble upon. I was so happy! How ae you? Are you living in California now? Hope you don't mind but I'd like to add your blog to my list. Hope you are doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's interessting but actually i have a hard time determining it... wonder how others think about this..

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