Coupon, lightbulbs, & Ethan's Faves

{Blog2Print Coupon Code}

The 1st thing I have to tell you is that the company I used to print my blog into a book {Blog2Print} has a 15% off code: bloggerb2p that is good until the end of March. {Yes, I've already ordered the rest of my 2009 book!:)}

They've also added some features that I'm really excited about...books now hold 1500 pictures instead of 1000, they have some new covers, and you can EASILY remove posts you don't want in the book!

The blog book is a huge motivator for me to blog. If you missed my post about the 1st book I made from my blog in January you can see it here. I was totally happy with the way it turned out and I'm happy they offered a discount!


I love that so many of you are liking the owl pattern! I had NO idea it would be such a hit. Its especially great that so many of you who may not be as experienced at sewing are going for it!

After my last post I had a "lightbulb" moment when I read your great comments. I realized that sewing is so much more than stitches for me...its my hill to climb, my latest mountain to conquer. Sewing is teaching me a much needed virtue: PATIENCE. {Which {no surprise} is also one of my greatest weaknesses!}

My 1st "travel inspired" pattern and tutorial is almost finished...I think it should be ready by Tuesday. I wanted to have it posted for you before now, but I spend the week in post-vacation pardum depression--if you know what I mean! Now that I'm back in the saddle again, I'm getting excited for these upcoming projects!

{Ethan's Trip Faves}
Me: "Ethan, what was your favorite part of our trip?"
Ethan: "Everything!"

This kid really is so much fun. I LOVE how intense he is at whatever he is doing...{Ethan is in the yellow shirt}

...and being competitive doesn't run in our family:

And fun for this 5 year old wouldn't be complete unless it involved water!

Even standing in lines can be fun! Well, unless you're a little nervous to go on the ride! {Sorry cousin Trey!}

{Sidebar: Mickey Shirts}
I have to take you back to a Disney trip we had 2 years ago. Yes, the boys are wearing the same shirts as they wore last week! I guess it really pays to get clothes a size or two larger!:)

Ah, they grow so fast!

Riding a roller coaster with Ethan is classic. We would end up laughing at the bottom of each hill! He kept his hands up and screamed liked crazy. I loved it.

Ethan's favorite rides include {but are not limited to;)} Project X at Legoland, Splash Mountain, Autopia, Star Tours {I know...nerdy, but cute--especially when he starts yelling at the robot that he's going the wrong way}, and The Buzz Lightyear ride.

Ethan had THE BEST time playing with his cousins...

We all {heart} Tanya.

Me: "Tanya said...blah, blah, blah..."
Ethan: "Tanya knows alot about alot of things." :)

Its true. Thanks for coming Tan!


cArLa said...

wow, it's such a great idea to turn your blog into a book... you have a beautiful family! thanks for the complements too!

Janas Bananas said...

The matching shirts....Remember all our matching Disney t-shirts and hoddies...We would go home and brag to all our friends when we would go back to school about out trip and how we all had the same shirts...Love cousins!

Tanya said...

i would jump right back in the car and do it all over again! it was too much fun.

Sunny said...

Thank you for posting the coupon! I have been wanting to turn my son's blog into a book for a keepsake and now is the time!

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