TV What?

So here's the news I've been so excited to share. I waited until the last minute to blog about it, because I just wanted to make sure that it would really happen! As the UPS guy dropped off a bunch of packages today I realized that it really will happen!

Here's the 411. About 2 weeks ago I got an email from a guy in Phoenix asking if I'd be interested in doing a TV segment with an ABC affiliate in SLC. Hmmm. Sound like a prank? I thought so too.

I emailed him back asking if it was a joke, and he emailed me this. Its a link to another "mommy blogger" who just finished a live TV segment. This guy {we'll call him Grant}, explained that he was looking for a mom who blogs and has a baby to help demonstrate some baby products. However, instead of being live in studio like this mom, he wanted to set it up so that a reporter comes into a home and has a mom {me} talk about the products while a baby {Aidan} demo's them. {Yes, let's all pray that he cooperates...and not doing this segment on live TV was a GREAT idea.:)}

And after many emails and planning with Grant, this is the low down:

-All of the items I'm suppose to talk about are here! We are testing them out and I'm trying to figure out what to say about them. {Oh yeah, and hope the "practicing" helps me not make a total fool of myself.} They also sent me some of the things to give away on my blog...Yippee!!

-A reporter will be coming to our house Wednesday to shoot this segment. {Hopefully just after Aidan wakes from a nice restful nap;).}

-Here is what I will give away after the segment airs...a size small Baby B'air, a pink tub-time bumper, & a tilty sippy cup. I'm also going to throw in one of my Car Seat Blankets & a pattern to make your own CSB! {More info on that will come later.} We will also be talking about {but not giving away} the Baby Briefcase & the Sport Brella.

Now a few "Q&A" asked by the 2 people I've actually talked to about this:

When will it air?
I don't know yet. They are suppose to let me know when they come Wednesday. I'll be sure to post about it and get a link if there is one. All I know is that it will be ABC.

How did they find you?
Grant said it wasn't easy, but he did a search on mommy blogger SLC. I guess just got lucky!

Are you excited?
Yes, but nervous {of course}. Today I tripped and totally fell as I was taking down the Sport Brella. I just hope I don't do anything to make too much of a fool of myself!

Is Aidan excited?
Um, I think that kid was born ready. And I guess as long as everyone remembers to shut the bathroom door {that kids LOVES the toilet}, and that I don't go too far away {if I do he screams at me}, or he doesn't start throwing everything out of my tupperware cabinet, things should go alright.:)

I'll keep you posted on anything else. Wish us luck! {We'll need it!}


swtelford said...

YAY!! Good luck and send the link so we can watch it!! You do have all that training in our "how to" volleyball it's second nature to you to be in front of the camera.

Janas Bananas said...

OH GOOD LUCK!! how exciting!!!!! FOr sure keep us posted!

Dawn said...

Wow! That is so exciting! You will be great!

Jessica said...

That's exciting! And Aidan is SO cute.

Hernandez Family said...

Fun! Keep us posted. It sounds like something I would be interested in seeing.

Aimee said...

Thanks for letting me witness the fall over the umbrella. Well, not the actual fall, but the aftermath. That was worth the visit. :)

Siri said...

How totally cool! And you are absolutely perfect for the job! FOR SURE keep us posted.

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