Car Seat Blanket Pattern Details!

Car Seat Blanket Pattern Details

This is a very easy pattern that comes with full color step by step instructions! I struggle at following "normal" patterns, that's why I created this one {with the help of my mega-seamstress sister-in-law Tanya}.

{Confession: I just got my 1st sewing machine last Christmas...this year has been the 1st real sewing I've done since I took a sewing class at Waldo Middle School. I'm loving all the fabrics they have now!!}
-How does it work? If you get the Epattern it comes in PDF form. Just open it up, print out the pages, and tape it together {pictured above}.

This is a really is an easy pattern. Even if you aren't the best seamstress in the world...if there is a will there's a way right? Please email me with questions!
+Emily Ashby

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