Rodeo: Check!

Just checking another thing off my summer list of things I wanted to do & this was so much fun!

I guess I'm on a little "country" kick these days. I actually always thought I'd marry a farmer. Suprised? Most "farm" boys I knew (or dated) were always such hard workers, but also knew how to have a good time. My hope is that my boys will one day have a job for at least one summer bucking hay. (Those of you who have ever done it or know anyone who has will understand why.) So my goal to take the boys to a rodeo was really kindof for selfish reasons. Maybe plant a little seed...;)

And let me say, I was not disappointed. I actually found out that the Tooele County Fair was having a a "youth rodeo". It was perfect...since its always fun to spend time where my 93 year old Grandpa (& Aidan's middle namesake) grew up! Oh, and it was free!:)


On the way I explained to Ethan was a rodeo was, and that there would be kids riding horses, racing, etc. He then asked me if he would be riding a horse or chasing a cow. I told him not this time, but maybe we could ask grandma and grandpa if we could chase their cows next time we are in Oregon.:)


I must sound so cheesy, but I couldn't get enough of these mini cowboys. And they were the real deal too. Wranglers couldn't be cuter. And I was so proud of what these kids were doing!


Here's Ethan turn with the camera & we are actually centered in the middle!


{Disclaimer} Okay, I was taking pictures of random if you know any of them please let them know I mean no harm. I just thought they were darling. I tried to post the picts where you couldn't really see the who the kids were. And I promise I'm not that much of a weirdo!!



Highly recommended.


Jessica said...

How fun Em! I think that you meant to say - you mean NO harm -- because I don't think you would mean TO harm:) haha! Want a fun day with your boys! --You're such a cute mom-- Love ya!

Unknown said...

Um, yeah...I mean No harm!:) I just fixed that little typo and I'm still laughing.

M Smith said...

I am so excited to come see you guys next month and see which "live list" activities Grey and I can help you check off. :o)

Tanya said...

ooooh are rodeo! how fun! we need to find one around here.

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