Preschool "Graduation"

End of the school year...although for us it only means the end of preschool, its still an exciting time. Since Ethan still has another year before Kindergarten (he won't be 5 until October) I decided to mix it up with types of preschool learning.

Since January we've being doing a home preschool called "Joyschool". Its a preschool curriculum (not affiliated with any religion) that emphasizes learning values and taking joy in learning and life.

I wasn't very familiar with it before, but its a great program. You can find more info on Each mom takes a turn teaching the kids (typically 5 or 6 kids) in their homes 2 times/week. It was fun for me to teach Ethan and his friends...although it reaffirmed my feelings about how less effective home schooling would be for us.:)

Making great friends and memories was so much fun!

Ethan looked forward to Joyschool each week & he LOVED when we had it at our house. (Ahh, yes... the days when we looked forward to school ---even if our mom was the teacher!:)

We had a little graduation ceremony our backyard & the kids got to sing some songs they had learned... everyone loves a little song and dance!
All of Ethan's grandparents came! It was very special to have them all there. It was a fun evening for all of us!

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