Easter Nest fun!

Easter Nest Fun!

I can't take credit for this one, but boy was it super cute & yummy! I found on tip junkie from a blogger named Kendra on My Insanity.

You make them like rise krispie square but with chow mein noodles! Ours didn't quite turn out like hers...but close enough for us!:) (I also made smaller batch because I wasn't sure how they would turn out.)
Here's what I did:
Melted 1/4 cup butter with 4 cups mini marshmellows. Then added 4 cups of chow mein noodles. (Not pictured.)

To shape them we put them in bowls coated with butter:

They were really sticky!

So I had Ethan put a plastic bag on his hand and butter it up. (Kendra suggested this...it was a great idea!)

Then we let it sit still for a few minutes...

And took them out of the bowls...

Add some chocolate eggs...

And look how cute and fun! They didn't last very long at our house!!


Tanya said...

those are too much fun! the kids would love to make them. i think i may even have those little noodles.

melissa merrill said...

You are such a good mommy! I am going to have to try this treat. My kids will think I am cool!

The Hansens said...

What a cute and fun idea! Will definitely try it next time my step-daughters are here.

. said...

Ha, I know I'm a YEAR late in posting on this, but this is adorable. How many nests do they make? I am totally doing this with my friends. Gotta practice!

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