DIY Halloween Decor (That You'll Want To Bring Out Each Year!)

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When Aidan (6) is begging to decorate for Halloween you know you'd better have something to pull out of the storage!  If there's one thing I've learned about crafting over the years its that I don't want to make it if I don't want to keep it!  Paper pumpkins just don't stand the test of time like things made of glass or metal.

Some moms just make crafts to share time with their kids. I say if you're going to craft make something that you'll want to bring out every year! Instead of making paper or pipe cleaner decorations that you'll just throw away try these  little Halloween decor ideas that the boys and I whipped up last week.  I'll be sharing them on KUTV Ch2 at 12:40 today if you want to see them in action!

Glowing Glass Decor
These are made out of old glass jars or small vases you can pick up at Joann's.  You paint them and turn them into pumpkins, ghosts, or night creatures! Once they are painted you can put a candle in them and watch them glow!

Watch out for these two in a dark alley! :)

Tin Can Mummy
These are simple decorations that are perfect for the teacher or any counter top! Made out of empty tin cans you simply wrap with can with white paper, then wrap it with toilet paper, add eyes, and off you go!

With a bit a chalk board paint you can make any pumpkin have a different face everyday! Spray the pumpkin and then let the kids go crazy!

For the compete "how to" you can visit my post on Chalkboard Pumpkin Halloween DIY

Spooky Wreath
This one is great for the older kids who like to use spray paint!  Just spray an old wreath black and add a few creatures to dangle from the middle. Simple & spooky!

To see this one complete you'll have to check out 2News at Noon today! ;) 

And there you have it! The next rainy day you have find a few tin cans and glass jars around the house and go it! You'll enjoy them for years to come...



Selena Ze Arteest said...

Cool project! love the lantern )

Unknown said...

Thanks Selena!

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