Happy Mother's Day 2014

{Love those Ladies}
Happy Mother's Day to all of the women who make such a great impact in our lives & for the men who have helped us become mother's! This post is a tribute to the women and men in my life that have made me who I am as a mother...

{The boys} 
The man and little men who have given me a chance to be a mom. I just hope & pray I don't mess them up too much. :)

Bob. The dad. 

Ethan & Aidan. I love them more that I knew I could ever love anything.

{My Mom}
An amazing woman. Raising 6 kids could not be easy...especially when you realize that those kids were my sibling and I. Ah. Bless her heart. 

And we can't talk about our wild family without this guy. My dad...

Mom + Dad = 6 kids and a gaggle of grandkids.

{Other Ladies}
And here are a few more family members that I am lucky to have in my life as great women, role models, and mothers. These are the ones that don't even know how great they really are.

My sister Stooph.

My aunt Diane. 

My sister Marge. 

My sister in laws Tanya, Katherine, and Mary. 

In a future post I'll talk about some more great ladies that I may or may not be related to. Happy Mother's Day to all. May those little hugs and kisses be burned into our minds forever.


Mom Toad

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