Stocking Stuffers that Give Back!

{'Tis the Season to Give}
Giving back has never been so easy! I think most of us can agree that we are blessed...with family, friends, food, and a warm place to lay our heads.  This time of year is a perfect time to look for ways to give, but I'm often as a loss for the best way to do it.  

I was so excited when I was asked to do a TV (KSL Ch 5, NBC affiliate in SLC) segment on great products that give back!  It doesn't cost very much to help and these companies have made it so easy.  So if you have a choice...why not buy a product that can help someone else as well!

{Awesome Stocking Stuffers}
Each of these products are the perfect stocking stuffers!

#1: Kutoa (It means "to give" in Swahili)
These are healthy, natural bars somewhat like a Clif Bar...but when you buy one they donate a nutrition pack (with vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients) through the World Food Program to a child in need.  Hunger is still the #1 cause of dealth in children under the age of 5 so this is an easy way to help a child. 

I had one of these for breakfast and it was darn good. You can find them in your area by heading to their website: (Price: $2.50 a bar.) 

The company also says:
The health you give these children will empower them to live a healthy life, go to school, and become a contributing member of their community. Eventually, these healthy communities can flourish and become sustainable."

#2 Smiles For the People
This company wants to improve dental health around the world!  These 100% biodegradable toothbrushes are not only practical, but when you buy one this company donates the equivalent amount of cash to a "Giving Partner" who aids in aiding in dental health around the world.

What a great stocking stuffer?! You can get yours at

From the Company:
"Our donations enable our giving partners to design locally appropriate interventions for their communities’ unique local needs. Because of the wide range of needs in the oral health field, and because toothbrushes can sometimes cause more harm than good for people in need of care, this strategy is more responsible than donating physical brushes."

#3 WINK (When In Need of Kindness)
Each of these sweet toiletry bags is packed with great goods...but the best part is that for each one you buy this company donates a bag to the Ronald McDonald House for families when they could really use it!

I LOVE the candle and the lip balm that his company offers as an option. Price ranges from $25-$40.  You can order yours at

From the Company:
"Your original WINK bag will have our custom all natural WINK lip balm, a 4 oz. shea butter soap and corresponding solid. It’s the perfect size for your phone, license, credit card and lip gloss and made from Dacron, the fabric most commonly used for the sails on sail boats. The fabric is durable, water resistant and wipes off easily."

#4 You and WHO
If you want to help people in your local area this is a great way to do it!  Each shirt you buy is not only designed by an artist in you area but the company will donate a shirt to a local organization that will distribute it to a person in need for you!

Here in Salt Lake they team up with these great organizations: Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, The Road Home, & Salt Lake City Mission.

They have some sweet designs...Denver and Portland are two of my favorites! You can get yours at for $42.

Here is also a list of similar companies doing GREAT things by donating one for one..

Baby Teresa ( (baby rompers)
Oak Lifestyle ( (backpacks) 
Twice As Warm ( (clothing)
Mitscoots ( (socks)

#5 Camera Coats
Of course I have to talk about this great company! Not only are all of the Camera Coats and Camera Straps Made in the USA but they are made by refugee women.

Other awesome way this company gives back is by teaming up with TURN Community Services who works with adults with disabilities and they make the tags, package, and ship all of the products!

Yet another great way to give back with an awesome product.  If you are looking for the best gift for any photographer, Camera Coats are the way to go! (They are making camera bags everywhere jealous. :)

PLUS get 30% off your purchase this week! Code: CW30  Expires: 12/8/13  OR enter to win a free Camera Coat HERE!

You can find the cute Camera Coats and Camera Straps at  Price ranges from $22-45.  The perfect stocking stuffer!

ALSO...there is a great website that features companies that give back! You can shop for just about ANYTHING and give back at the same time!

ROOTZ.    Check them out! 

Yay! Happy Shopping & Giving!

Santa's Little Helper,
Toad :)

+Emily Ashby

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