Buy Local for Father's Day!

{Wasatch Front Farmer's Market}
Ah, the Farmer's Market.  There's nothing like walking down aisle of local friends proud of what they do and willing to share it! If you're from around these salty parts than you probably already know about the best market ever...The Wasatch Front Farmer's Market

Saturdays: Gardner Village
Sundays: Wheeler Farm
PLUS The Farmer's Market Store in Murray!  Open all year!  5823 S. State

If you missed my post about the WFFM then you can check it out HERE! Man I love that place! 

And I'm not much of a betting woman, but if I was I'd bet that you'd find a gift for good old pop right at your local farmer's market!  But if you're still on the farmer's fence about it be sure to check out this great post: "Top 10 reasons to buy Local". It may just inspire you! :)

{KSL + Me}
And if you are an early riser and happen to be watching KSL Ch 5 in Salt Lake City on Thursday morning you saw quite a display of awesome local "treasures".  Many of which made a cameraman or two want to pack up the cameras and head to the BBQ...

Link to Segment Here.

Stop here.  Now just wipe that bit of drool...ah, that's better. ;)

MMMMMmmmmmm.  Wouldn't you agree?  Be sure to "like" this post to show you support buying local! 

I {heart} supporting local. It may cost a little more, but that money stays right in your own community & helps your neighbor.  LOVE it.

--A local loving Toad ;)

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Please check your email. I made a purchase and am still waiting to receive it via email! Thank you!!

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