DIY Winter Trees & Snow!

{DIY: Last minute gift!}
Still running around like a mad woman (or man?).  Keep the kids busy with some fun winter trees and a snowflake garland!

Last minute gift?  Check!

{For more ideas you can check out a little TV segment on the Ch2 (SLC) 5PM news featuring Ethan! (My little snowflake cutting machine.)}

All you need is some cardstock, fabric, scissors, tape, and glue!

If you don't have glittery fabric, no worries! Just grab an old white pillowcase, glitter, and make your own! 

Roll the cardstock into a cone and tape it together.  Trim the edges so that it will stand on its own...

Put your fabric into 1 1/2" strips long enough to wrap around the cone.  As you work your way up the cone the strips will get shorter.

Put the glue along the top of the strip and put it onto the cone.

(Snowflake & Tree Garland)

Cute? Yep. Easy? Super. 

And here's our resident snowflake making expert!  To see Ethan in action you can watch this news clip.

And when I stop running around for 2 seconds I'll post a few more last minute ideas!

The countdown is on!

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