Mother's Day Countdown

{May 8}
Just to warn you...2 weeks after Easter is Mother's Day.  I know.  Not sure who made the calendar this year, but its a quick turn around!:)

I was thinking of some past projects that might make some great mday gifts.  See what you think.

{Not mine}
I was not the brains behind these 1st two ideas, but love them. 

For the links to more info just click on the pictures.  {And if that doesn't work I'll fix it next chance I get...or you can search my blog for them.}

{Grab some Glue}
This cute pencil holder was a fun afternoon project.  Perfect for mothers...great for scissors, pens, or whatever.  Good for fathers too, although most already have their own pencil holders.  {Hee, hee}

{Eat Tuna}
Same concept.  Perfect bday gift for Bob's mom.  Ethan water this baby everyday...and look at that spring grass starting to pop up!  She has it in her window cell right now and its super cute if I do say so myself.;)

{Craft Pail}
All in one holder.
What mom couldn't use one of these bad boys?

For old times sake...

{Younger Mom}
Love this. Use my all the time.  Clutch Diaper Changing Pad.  Super easy to make.  {You may need to give yourself one this year!:)}

And I'm off to bed.  But stay tuned for some wild times...well, if you want to know what a Mormon mom and her two boys do in Vegas! Yes, I'm heading south for the spring... while I'm longing for summer.


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