{Darn It}
Busted. My lens is busted.  The husband told me I shouldn't have left my camera on the counter and he was right.  Although the fact that he knocked it off didn't really help...;)

I guess its just the time of year for me to be a "downer".  Sorry people.  I despise January to March.  With severe morning sickness...with a touch of HG...during both of my pregnancies {thank goodness to the chemo drug ZoFran}, postpardum with both babies {double yuck}, and crappy weather and an empty bank account during the post-Holiday season I just want to hide away forever.

{Good News}
So I've been trying to be more like Ethan and look at the brighter side of things...{its killing me, but i'm trying!:)}

hey, at least my whole camera didn't break--only my lens!
hurray, I'm not pregnant and feel like I want to die!
yippee, my mouth is sore from the dentist today, but at least I didn't have a root canal!
yahoo, even though aidan's been sick for the past 2 weeks he doesn't have a fever right now!

And the most exciting one for you...

I may not be able to take pictures, but I have a million photos in that "My Pictures" file that I can share with you!

And they make me happy.  So here you go.  2010 in pictures, plus whatever randomness this Toad can muster up... 

{The Bright Side}
Let's be happy. Let's do it together. 

Let's look forward to short sleeved weather and fresh yummy fruit right off of the vine...

and let's think of doing things we love to do.

How about we make a few fun things for other people to love...

like a blanket for this little train loving guy!

Let's not complain about how hard it is to find cute train fabric, and be grateful that PB Kids make such a cute print...

{And even if I'm too frugal to buy the whole sheet set, at least I can splurge on the pillow cases to make a special blanket and a few sweatshirts for a sweet little guy.}

And since I've made two little pottern barn train material sweatshirts, let's enjoy one together.  How would you like the little blue hoodie pictured below.  {I think its a 2T but they run big.}

If you are a "follower" of my blog you qualify to win it.  Just leave me a comment and tell me how you are looking on the bright side about something in your life right now.  It will be good for you...and me both.;)

And if you missed my Mini Boden Tutorial and want to make your own you can visit my post here.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Let's cherish our loved ones...especially those that we don't tell often enough that we love them...

Oh, and let's remember the good 'ole times with the family...

and how fun bubbles can be...

and how wonderful it is to see old friends.  Espeically the ones you hardly ever get to see, but love to death.

Ah, why not think about a cherished childhood memory...

and look at the world with a different perspective.

And let's all be grateful for our little ones who we love more than we ever even knew we could,

and kiss them like crazy every chance we get!

Don't worry, I'm almost finished.;)

How about we make a new friend,

enjoy the view where ever it may be,

and get some loving arms wrapped around you...oh, I LOVE that!
{I can't get enough of those little arms wrapped around my neck and those hand tapping my back!}

{Feeling Better}
I'm feeling better already.  Thanks. 

I guess this time of year can be okay.  {Although I'm gritting my teeth when I say it.}


My lens.
My pocketbook.
But not my spirit. 
Life really is good.

And don't forget about that train hoodie sweatshirt!:)

Love, Toad


Leigh the sewing diva said...

sorry to hear about your lens that is gutting!
wish we had a pottery barn here in uk i have a train obsessed just turned 4 year old who would love that fabric! love your idea of using it as accent appliques.

Christi said...

That is sad about your lens! The positive in my life is that after 7 years we are finally having another baby! It's truly a miracle baby! We are having a boy in April sometime.

Janeen said...

You've got talent girl! Keep that positive spirit!!

The Aviles Six Pack said...

I love your attitude, although you left me thinking, if you are not pregnant, why are you feeling so bad? Are you okay? You always lift our spirits with your wonderful pictures and creative ideas, now it's our turn to lift "you". Hang in there, you have a lot of people who will be praying for you. The lens? It's okay, it will be replaced...eventually... So cheer up!! okay? ;D

Mamma Michela said...

Sei bravissima!belle le applicazioni sulle t-shirt.

chris said...

Look at all those amazing pictures you've taken! I hope things work out soon. They always do in the end. Enjoy your weekend.

Carly said...

I'm sick & my little boy had to take a trip to the ER on Wed for croup. The bright side: I am perfectly healthy almost every other day of the year & my little guy is breathing better today & is on the mend. And all this downtime has allowed me to catch up on some knitting! Cute shirt... it would look cute on my little one!

Elizabeth said...

My dearest friend (who is also a co-worker) is having a 12 hour pelvic reconstruction on Tuesday--was in a horrible car accident last April with a shattered pelvis---bug bummer. Bigger bummer--this means my workload doubled! But bright and good things? My kids are healthy, we made the 1/2 way payment on our house, and my friend will be all better (we pray!) in a few months.

That blue pullover? It would look awesome on her little boy!

Crystal said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful and fun. You really make me want a nice camera and learn how to take a decent picture. Thanks for the positive pep talk, I sure needed it (its been a tough week). But I'm excited because we are visiting my family, I get to see my hubby on Saturday, and I know this is going to be a great year.

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