{What a Guy!}
If you don't recognize this young man, then let me introduce you to my Grandpa.

And today is a special day for him!  You see, he turns 94 years old!  {And as Ethan says, "That's just like 100!"}

My grandpa is the type of guy you just want to hang around and gleen as much out of as you can.   And I guess I'm selfish, but I decided that someone needed to write a biography about his amazing life...so you know I just had to volunteer.;) 

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Last weekend when we visited him I left with a file folder labeled "1943...letters from me to Dorthy".  Yes, the very letters that my grandma and grandpa wrote to eachother while he served in the war.  With a tissue box in hand, I'm going to type them all up so we can all enjoy them forever!!

{Well, you know you'll be hearing more about this biography writing---ps...anyone have any good printing resourses for such a venture?}

{5 in 1921}
My grandpa said the only real childhood memory he has is when he was 5---he was sitting on the front porch learning to tie his shoe. 

As I was looking through some pictures of my 5 year old, I began to wonder what it would have been like for grandpa back in 1921...

Did he have a favorite toy? 

Yeah, I bet he did. But I doubt there was a movie about it that you could see in a theater in either IMAX, 3D, or both!  And I'm positive there wasn't a Wii game about it.

I think he probably took great care of his toys...even today --he takes great care of everything he owns. 

Did he teach himself how to swing?

I bet he did, but my guess is that the swing was probably a 2X4 hanging by rope from a tree.

Did he share his toys? 

With 9 younger siblings I bet he didn't have a choice!

Did he ever misplace something special?

Probably...don't we all?

I bet even back in 1921 grandpa loved visiting with family...

and I bet he even went swimming with his super fun aunt & made funny faces at people!  Okay, maybe he didn't have a blow-up pirate boat, sunscreen, or a foam water squirter...but I bet he still had a good time!

I'm sure he often brought a smile to his younger brother's face,

and had a fun time with his cousins...

{Remember that Boden post? Ethan actually cut and ironed the car applique to his shirt! I'm telling you...easy peazy!:)}


What about playtime?  So a manufactured play structure wasn't an option, but I bet grandpa climbed a really cool tree or 2 in his day.

Hoses?  Um, maybe water didn't stream quite like this, but I bet he knew where to find the best swimming hole around!

And I'm sure--just like Ethan--he helped his mother with her projects every chance he got...

{Sidebar: When we went to Joann's the other day Ethan begged me for this "potato" to be his prize...fortunately he doesn't mind if I borrow a pin or two for my projects!:)}

I love these guys.

Happy 94th Birthday Grandpa! We love you!


The Blandon's said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We all love you!
Thanks for the adorable post Em!

Daisha said...

Oh how exciting you are writing up his life story! That's great! My aunt just wrote up my grandpa's and had it bound in a nice book. . . I'll try and find out what company she used!

Jenny Hatch said...

Emily, one your best posts of all time. Sounds like you wouldnt mind if Ethan grows up to be like his Grampa! Dear, dear, dear.

M Smith said...

Great post! I keep trying to suggest to Peter that he head out and spend a week with your grandpa, filming and interviewing for an updated video. Wouldn't it be great for his party next year? It would be a perfect companion for your book! I just use blurb for all my books. For something text only like this, it might be perfect. If you've already started transcribing, you can finish it that way and import it without any special skills. Thanks for doing that!

Breathing In Grace said...

Happy, happy birthday to your Grandpa. As old as I am, I still have a grandparent living. My Mamaw will be 99 in September...amazing!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog....I loved how your little owl pattern turned out....I was so happy to find something so easy and cute and the boys and Jess loved theirs!!! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve next....I know I'll have to whip one up, too!!! I'm now a follower of your blog, too!
Blessings to you and your family!!!

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