We survived week 1!! (Barely)

Our sweet little man doing what newborns do best! (6 days old)

Here's a few members of Aidan's fan club!
Uncle Matt

Big Brother Ethan

Aunt Kathryn

Aunt Stooph


M Smith said...

I love the picture of Ethan and Aidan together!

Liz said...

Congratulations, Emily!! What a beautiful little pair of boys you have! I love that top picture- what a teeny, precious little guy! I'm happy all went well for you.

Tanya said...

yeah! he does look like bob! what a handsome little man! when it is a decent hour i will call and check up on ya!

Brian said...

I only hope that life gets a little easier for you in the near future!! I feel your pain!!!Let me know if you need anything. Would love to come see you. If there is a time this weekend I will leave all the chillins with Brian.
He is so cute!

Aimee said...

Congratulations on your sweet baby! I am so excited for you. He is perfect. Can't wait to see him.

swtelford said...

Such cute boys Em! It's fun to see your brother and sister all grown up!

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